6.8 km to steps

6.8 km is how many steps?

Answer: 6.8 km are approximately equal to 8,718 steps

(for Average Man with a stride length of 0.78 meters)

9,714 steps

(for Average Woman with a stride length of 0.70 meters)

Explanation of converting 6.8 km to steps

Converting 6.8 kilometers to steps involves using an average stride length for both men and women, as stride lengths can vary significantly from person to person. However, for the sake of calculation, we can use average values:

The average stride length for a man is approximately 0.78 meters (78 centimeters).

The average stride length for a woman is approximately 0.7 meters (70 centimeters).

Steps for Conversion

1. Convert kilometers to meters: Since 1 kilometer equals 1000 meters, first convert the distance from kilometers to meters.

Distance in meters = 6.8 km × 1000 = 6800 meters

2. Calculate the number of steps: Divide the total distance in meters by the average stride length in meters to find the number of steps.

Number of steps = Distance in meters / Average stride length in meters

6800 meters ÷ 0.78 meters/step = 8,718 steps for a man

6800 meters ÷ 0.70 meters/step = 9,714 steps for a woman

Therefore, for a man, walking 6.8 km would be approximately 8,718 steps, and for a woman, it would be approximately 9,714 steps, given the average stride lengths used in these calculations. Adjustments can be made for individuals with stride lengths that differ from these averages to get a more accurate step count.

6.8 km to steps depending on height and gender

The average step length, and consequently the required number of steps, may vary depending on a person's height and gender. Below is a table that shows how many steps people of different heights need to take to walk 6.8 km.

DistanceHeightSteps walked by a ManSteps walked by a Woman
6.8 km155 cm10571 steps10623 steps
6.8 km156 cm10504 steps10554 steps
6.8 km157 cm10437 steps10487 steps
6.8 km158 cm10371 steps10421 steps
6.8 km159 cm10305 steps10355 steps
6.8 km160 cm10241 steps10291 steps
6.8 km161 cm10177 steps10227 steps
6.8 km162 cm10115 steps10164 steps
6.8 km163 cm10052 steps10101 steps
6.8 km164 cm9991 steps10040 steps
6.8 km165 cm9931 steps9979 steps
6.8 km166 cm9871 steps9919 steps
6.8 km167 cm9812 steps9859 steps
6.8 km168 cm9753 steps9801 steps
6.8 km169 cm9696 steps9743 steps
6.8 km170 cm9639 steps9685 steps
6.8 km171 cm9582 steps9629 steps
6.8 km172 cm9526 steps9573 steps
6.8 km173 cm9471 steps9517 steps
6.8 km174 cm9417 steps9463 steps
6.8 km175 cm9363 steps9409 steps
6.8 km176 cm9310 steps9355 steps
6.8 km177 cm9257 steps9302 steps
6.8 km178 cm9205 steps9250 steps
6.8 km179 cm9154 steps9198 steps
6.8 km180 cm9103 steps9147 steps
6.8 km181 cm9053 steps9097 steps
6.8 km182 cm9003 steps9047 steps
6.8 km183 cm8954 steps8997 steps
6.8 km184 cm8905 steps8948 steps
6.8 km185 cm8857 steps8900 steps
6.8 km186 cm8809 steps8852 steps
6.8 km187 cm8762 steps8805 steps
6.8 km188 cm8716 steps8758 steps
6.8 km189 cm8670 steps8712 steps
6.8 km190 cm8624 steps8666 steps

The average woman’s stride length is 0.413 times her height in cm. The average man’s stride length is 0.415 times his height in cm.

Kilometers to Steps Conversion Table

KilometersSteps for ManSteps for Woman

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6.8 km is how many steps?

6.8 km are approximately equal to 8,718 steps

6.8 km is how many steps for woman?

6.8 km are approximately equal to 9,714 steps for woman